The French Society of Irish Studies (SOFEIR) is a learned society which was founded in 1981 by Jean Noël, president (†) with Michel Bariou (†) as first secretary, in Rennes on October 21, 1981.

It brings together researchers working in France in literature, humanities and social sciences on Ireland. The organization aims to deepen and spread knowledge about all aspects of Irish society, culture and literature in the Republic of Ireland, in Northern Ireland and within the Irish diaspora.

To this end, it organizes many events throughout the year, including an annual international symposium in mid-March. It works in collaboration with EFACIS (European Federation of Associations and Centers of Irish Studies) and IASIL (International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures). It

It currently has 128 members.

Some publications of SOFEIR are present in the journal Études Irlandaises.

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