The SOFEIR organizes seminars every year. Here you will find announcements of our next meetings.

Conferences Dr Anne Karhio (NUI Galway)

Jeudi 26 septembre 2019 “Irish poetry and human rights in the 21st century: the challenge of the posthuman” 14h-15h30 Salle : E224 Université Rennes 2 Résumé: The lecture considers Irish poets’ addressing of human rights violations and challenges in a period of radical shifts in technological environments and new knowledge on non-human lifeforms and ecosystems in … Continued

Colloque annuel de la SOFEIR

« Irlande : Spectres et chimères » Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, 13-14 mars 2020 Invités d’honneur : Claude Fierobe, Professeur émérite, Université de Reims,auteur de De Melmoth à Dracula, la littérature fantastique irlandaise au XIXe siècle (2000), L’Irlande fantastique (recueil de nouvelles, 2004), Les Ombres du fantastique. Fictions d’Irlande,2016.​ Christina Morin, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, 13-14 mars 2020Université de Reims … Continued

Ireland, the Revolution and the First World War. Continuities, Ruptures and Legacies (1913-1919)

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IRISH CULTURAL CENTRE Paris, 27 June 2019 09:00. Registration/coffee 09:30. Opening talk: Her Excellence Patricia O’Brien, Ambassador for Ireland to France Panel One: Ireland in War and Revolution Chair: Emmanuel Destenay (University College Dublin) 10:00- 10:20: Conor Mulvagh (University College Dublin): Armaments and instability in Ireland on the eve of the First World … Continued