Representing Revolutions in Irish Culture

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Representing Revolutions in Irish Culture

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Opening Material

i – ii


Seán Crosson, Veronica Johnson, Rod Stoneman

1 – 4

1916 and Other Risings: John Ford’s ‘The Plough and the Stars’ (1936)

Charles Barr

5 – 18

‘With the Eyes of Another Race’: Congo Atrocity Photographs and the Commemoration of Easter 1916

Fiona Loughnane

19 – 39

Sport, Representation, and the Commemoration of the 1916 Rising: ‘A New Ireland Rises’?

Seán Crosson

40 – 54

Prophesying Revolution: The Example of ‘The Battle of Moy’ (1883)

Pauline Collombier-Lakeman

55 – 69

‘Unremarkable, Forgotten, Cast Adrift’: Feminist Revolutions in Irish Visual Culture

Catherine Morris

70 – 88

Seeds That Thin and Split: Motherhood, Femininity, and Rebellion in Roddy Doyle’s ‘A Star Called Henry’ and Lia Mills’ ‘Fallen’

Emma Radley

89 – 104

The 1798 Rebellion: Gender Tensions and Femininity in the Irish Gothic

Marine Galiné

105 – 118

Challenging ‘Imperialist’ Cinematography: IRA Attacks on Dublin Cinemas, 1925-1939

Donal Fallon

119 – 133

‘The Mind of the English Adversary Is Laid Bare’: Ernie O’Malley’s ‘On Another Man’s Wound’ in Germany and Irish Aspects of German National Socialist Propaganda, 1938-1943

Fergal Lenehan

134 – 150

Review Section

Seán Crosson, Tamara Radak, Audrey Robitaillié, David M. Clark

151 – 163

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