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Daredevils of History? Resilience in Armenia and Ireland
Guest Editors: Dieter Reinisch (European University Institute) and Suzan
Meryem Rosita (European University Institute)
As scholars, we have often been reminded to be suspicious of origin
stories, but in the cases of Armenia and Ireland, we find a shared source
for resilience. Oral narratives and written accounts deal with various
forms of both resilience and resistance in various contexts. The
Daredevils of Sassoun and the Irish Fianna can be read as heroic folk
tales imbued with the spirit of nationhood, struggle and resistance and
are just two examples of the parallels between Armenian and Irish
folklore, culture, and history.
This special issue of Studi irlandesi aims to bring together scholars
working in various disciplines with an interest in Armenia and Ireland, as
well as practitioners – writers and artists. In short, all people with an
academic or artistic interest in the two countries. As guest editors, we
invite you to submit papers in your area of research, or as part of your
artistic practice, and on topics related to the intercultural connections
between Armenia and Ireland.
We are particularly interested in receiving paper proposals that engage
with the notion of resilience in historical myths, subversive folklore,
and contemporary protest movements. Resilience here is understood not
merely as an individual act of heroism and bravery but also as a communal,
social and relational interaction which reveals itself in various social
and political movements and cultural forms and expressions of resistance.
Studies in the field of oral and visual memory or ones that deal with
various forms of diasporic belonging in Armenian and Irish communities
overseas are especially welcomed, as are studies that take into account
the decade of centenaries in these two regions.
This 8h issue of Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies
<> will explore shared cultural
forms in Ireland and Armenia throughout history. The aim of this special
edition is to provide an overview of various academic approaches to and
interpretations of various forms of intercultural links in the histories
and cultures of Armenia and Ireland. Papers from all academic disciplines,
in particular, History; Cultural Studies and Literary Studies; Urban
Studies; Resistance and Genocide Studies are welcome.
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place for an international debate and high-quality research on Irish
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from the Romantic Era to the present age. The journal is published in
English and Italian.
Articles are subject to full peer-review. Please send abstracts of 250 to
400 words, outlines and expressions of interest for 8.000 to 10.000 words
papers, as well as biographic information of 50 to 100 words by 15 May
2017 to the Guest Editors: Suzan Meryem Rosita (;
Dieter Reinisch (; and to the General Editor:
Fiorenzo Fantaccini ( Successful candidates will be
informed in June 2017. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 15
November 2017. Informal enquiries to the editor about possible paper
submissions are welcome and should be addressed to the contacts above. The
8th issue of
Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies which will be
published in late June 2018.