CFP • Representing Revolutions in Irish Culture (septembre 2018)

Call for Papers – RISE 3.1 (September 2018)

Representing Revolutions in Irish Culture

John Ford, The Plough and the Stars (1936)

The current decade of centenaries is an apt moment to reflect on the representation of revolution in Irish culture. Whether in literature, fine art, music, performance or film, the revolutionary period has provided dramatic and engaging content across a range of art forms. This special issue of Review of Irish Studies in Europe (RISE) invites submissions considering the depiction and representation of revolutions in Irish culture. We invite imaginative and diverse contributions on this theme, which may interpret both revolution and Irish culture in a broad and varied manner. Topics for consideration could include (though are not limited to)

  • Representations of Irish revolutions in film and visual culture
  • Depictions of 1916 in literature, theatre, film and television.
  • Public exhibitions commemorating revolutions including those concerning the 1916 Rising
  • The televisual depiction of revolutions
  • Cultural revolutions in Ireland
  • Gender and revolution
  • Comparative studies with international revolutions
  • Revolutions in style

RISE is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal and welcomes papers from a variety of areas including Film & Visual Arts, Literature, History, Cultural Geography and Economics. Abstracts (200 words) to be sent by 1 February 2018. Articles should be 7000-8000 words in length. The deadline for submission is 30 June 2018. Publication will be in September 2018.