CFP | Irish Time? Temporalities in Irish Literature and Culture

Irish Time? Temporalities in Irish Literature and Culture

Symposium at The Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin

October 12-13, 2017

Convenors: Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg) and Christopher Morash (Trinity College Dublin)


Call for Papers:

Papers are invited from a range of fields that consider the question of time in an Irish context. Papers are invited from any discipline, including the performing arts and history of science. Cross-disciplinary dialogue is encouraged.



Topics include but are not limited to:

Time and Modernization

Dimensions of Time and Time Consciousness (temporality, social, and subjective time)

Homogeneity and Heterogeneity of Time

Linear and Non-Linear Time

Time and Media

Time and Myth

Time and History

Time and Phenomenology

Time and Narration

Time and the Arts (Literature, Music, Visual Arts)

Time and Speed ( Cultural and Aesthetic Modes of Acceleration, Deceleration and/or Duration)

Memory and Forgetting

Time and Contingency

Time and Space Interaction

Chronology and Simultaneity

Identity and Difference

Concepts of Past, Present and Future



Abstracts (300 words) for papers proposed (25 minutes maximum delivery time) should be accompanied by a short biographical note (100 words), plus full address and institutional affiliation. Please send abstracts to:

by May 1, 2017.