Postdoc Rennes • Dr Lisa FitzGerald

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que Lisa FitzGerald a été recrutée au sein du CRBC Rennes comme postdoctorante / ingénieur de recherche de novembre 2017 à mai 2018. Elle bénéficie d’un contrat «Stratégie d’attractivité durable » cofinancé par la Région Bretagne et l’université Rennes 2.

N’hésitez pas à la contacter si vous souhaitez l’impliquer dans vos formations et projets.

Lisa FitzGerald is an environmental historian and arts researcher whose interests include the role of nature in theatre and performance, environmental art practice, new materialism, and the relationship between non-human nature and digital culture. She holds a PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich.

Her book, Re-Place: Irish Theatre Environments (Peter Lang, Oxford), examines conceptualizations of nature in Irish Drama.

What role does nature play in the cultural world of the theatre? Is the auditorium not a natural environment, and how can theatre and nature aesthetics co-exist in the productive expression of performance? Re-Place: Irish Theatre Environments proposes a new way of thinking about Irish theatre: one that challenges established boundaries between nature and culture and argues for theatre performances to be seen as conceptual ecological environments. Broadening the scope of theatre environments to encompass radiophonic and digital spaces, Re-Place is a timely interrogation of how we understand performance history. This book examines the work, both as text and in production, of three canonical Irish playwrights, J. M. Synge, Samuel Beckett and Brian Friel, and looks at how theatre documentation can further the idea of a natural performance environment. The questions under consideration extend Irish theatre history into the field of the environmental humanities and draw on new materialist discourse to offer exciting and innovative ways to approach performance