Margins and Marginalities in France and/or Ireland – 13th AFIS Conference Université de Lille (24-25 May, 2019)


Friday 24th May

The venue is at the University of Lille, Pont de Bois Campus,  rue du Barreau, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Maison de la recherche (block F).

9h – Conference opening (Room F 0.15)

Living at the Limen: Human Rights versus Marginalisation and Exclusion in 21st Century France & Ireland – Chair: Christine O’Dowd-Smyth (Room F 0.15)

9h30 – Nathalie Sebbane and Matthew Staunton: “Research on the Margins: Methodology in

the History of Abuse in Ireland”

10h –   Helen Penet: “Hand in the Fire: Exploring Ireland’s marginalities through the prism of


10h20 – Questions

10h30 – Break

11h00 – Sarah Fleming: “Transformation and Creativity from the Margins to the centre:

Homelessness and Liminality in Ireland and France”

11h20- Christine O’Dowd-Smyth: “La France fracturée: From la marche des Beurs to les gilets


11h40 – Questions

12h– 12h45 – Plenary 1: Michael Cronin: “From Donkey Jackets to Gilets Jaunes: Franco-Irish Cybermarginalities” – Chair: Grace Neville (Room F 0.15)

13h – Lunch

14h – 14h45  – Plenary 2: Interview, Tony Flannery – Catherine Maignant (Room F 0.15)

Panel 1 (Room F 1.07) Religion on the Margins Chair: Alexandra Slaby Panel 2 (Room F 0.15) Literature, Poets and Bards, Ancient and Modern Chair: Sylvie Mikowski
15h – Tony Kiely: “Attending To The Margins’: Reflections On The Potential For Regenerating A Wounded And Beleaguered Church in Ireland” 15h20 – Joseph Heininger: “An Ethos of Representing the Marginalized in Micheal O’Siadhail’s The Five Quintets”  15h40 – Marie Mianowski: “Being Jewish in Ireland in Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan by Ruth Gilligan”   16h – Questions 15h – Sarah Balen: “Peter Sirr and the troubadours of Twelfth-Century France” 15h20 – Grace Neville: “‘Ça mange comme des Irlandais des pommes de terre‘: The Great Irish Famine comes in from the Margins in French Literature” 15h40 – Eva Urban: “Wisdom on the Margins: Bards, Saints and Cosmopolitan Vagabonds in Breton and Irish literature” 16h00 – Joan Dargan: “Seeing and Surveillance: Periscope and Watchtower in Susan Howe and Paul Muldoon” 16h20 – Questions  

16h40 – AFIS AGM (Room F 0.15)

17h15 – Book launch and cocktail

20h – Dinner and concert: Tír na nÓg, Lille

Saturday 25th May

9h – 9h45 Plenary 3 – Fabrice Mourlon and David Torrans: When Marginal Becomes Essential: The Case of No Alibis Bookshop in Belfast (Room F 0.44)

9h45 – Break

Panel 1 (Room F 0.13) Diaspora and Marginality Chair: Bill Mulligan Panel 2 (Room F 0.44) Female identities on the margins? Chair: Fiona McCann
10h – Bill Mulligan: The Irish Diaspora in France from the monastic period thru Napoleon. 10h20 – Timothy White and Josette Smith: “The Role of the Diaspora in Redefining Irish identity: Brooklyn and the Recent Irish Migration” 10h40 – Julien Guillaumond: “Out of the Margins: is France Following an Irish Model when Connecting with its Diaspora?   11h – Questions   10h – Brigitte Bastiat: “Female Friendship and Marginalities in the Suburbs of Paris and Dublin in the Films Divines (Houda Benyamin, 2016) and Pyjama Girls (Maya Derrington, 2010)” 10h20 – Emily Smith: “Like a Natural Woman: Constructions of Female Identity and the Natural World in McGahern and Mauriac” 10h40 – Sylvie Mikowski: “Marginal Spaces in Sara Baume’s Spill Simmer Falter Wither (2015)”   11h – Questions  

11h15 – 12h Plenary 4: Pilar Villar-Argáiz: “Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics in 21st Century Ireland: New Democratic Landscapes in Recent Irish Literature” – Chair: Anne Goarzin (Room F 0.44)

12h – Lunch

13h – 13h45 Plenary 5: Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire: “From the Dark Margins to the Spotlight: The Evolution of Gastronomy and Food Studies in Ireland” – Chair: Eamon Maher (Room F 0.44)

Panel 1 (Room F 0.13) Food and drink on the margins Chair: Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire Panel 2 (Room F 0.44) Margins as spaces Chair: Pilar Villar- Argáiz?
14h – Patricia Medcalf: “Calling Time on Alcohol Advertising” 14h20 – Susan Boyle: “Brewing the Other Black Stuff: Irish Craft Stout Producers” 14h40 – Brian Murphy: “From hippies to hipsters: How some of the great beverages of the world emerged from obscurity to take centre stage in an increasingly  place-driven drinks market” 15h – John Mulcahy: “Food, tourism and Education in Ireland – At the Margins or the Centre? An Ethnographic Perspective”. 15h20 – Questions 14h – Mehdi Ghassemi: “The Margin as a Site of Transformation in Neil Jordan” 14h20 – Maguy Pernot-Deschamps: “‘We were  nothing’, ‘Je ne suis plus rien’: Marginality in a Prison Cell in Two Plays, Sebastian Barry’s On Blueberry Hill (2017) and Denise Chalem’s Dis à ma fille que je pars en voyage (2004- 2006) 14h40 – Philippe Brillet: “The Irish Midlands as Central Void” 15h – Declan O’Keeffe: “Living in the Margins and on the Edge: How the Irish Conquered the Alps”. 15h20 – John O’Brien: “The Monto, McDaid’s and Temple Bar: Dublin, Drinking Scenes, Marginality and Creativity”.    

16h– Panel 3 (Room F 0.44)

Marginal Priests and Writers

Chair : Eamon Maher

16h Eamon Maher “Jean Sulivan: Prophetic Voice on the Margins”

16h20- Terry Kendellen ” The presence and role of Irish priests in Vendée (Bas-Poitou) in the 16th and 17th Centuries”

16h50 – Ben Keatinge: “Gnostic, heretic, Teilhard, I”: Harry Clifton, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Peking Man’

17h10 – Questions

17h30 – End of the conference.