A GIS is a university-based “scientific interest group”. It is a flexible research structure that allows universities to work together on targeted projects. It brings together researchers who are also affiliated with existing research units in French universities and abroad. GIS EIRE was created in January 2019 on the initiative on SOFEIR (French Society for Irish Studies), a learned society and an associative structure.

GIS board:

President of the GIS : Anne Groutel
President of the steering committee: Grainne O’Keeffe Vigneron
President of the scientific committee: : Marie Mianowski

The GIS EIRE research programme, which is entering its second phase, (2023-25) will focus on three main areas of study:

Strand 1: repositioning Ireland in the World. This will include aspects of Ireland’s history, foreign policy and diplomacy, the Irish economy, the role of non-states actors such as the Irish diaspora, Ireland’s soft power.

Strand 2: human rights issues integrating a reflection on experiments in participatory democracy (Citizens’ Assemblies). Addressing issues such as the housing crisis, reconfiguring the political landscape (North and South) and questions of bodily autonomy and carceral state(s).

Strand 3: ecology and the environment; SEEDS : Sensory Ecologies and Environmental Dialogues in Ireland. Creation and preservation of corpus for researchers and students working on the links between agro-ecology and literature and the arts in Ireland.