Conferences Dr Anne Karhio (NUI Galway)

Jeudi 26 septembre 2019

« Irish poetry and human rights in the 21st century: the challenge of the posthuman »


Salle : E224

Université Rennes 2

Résumé: The lecture considers Irish poets’ addressing of human rights violations and challenges in a period of radical shifts in technological environments and new knowledge on non-human lifeforms and ecosystems in recent years. How does our changing understanding of humanity, and the place of the human species in the age of the environmental crisis relate to questions of climate justice and environmental rights, for example? And how can poetic language be recalibrated to reflect and reimagine established understanding of human consciousness, voice, and social and environmental justice?

Jeudi 3 octobre 2019

« Digital arts and humanities in Ireland: perspectives on culture, technology, and society »


MSHB, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme en Bretagne, 2 avenue Gaston Berger, Rennes.

Salle : 004